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With March Madness in full swing, college basketball is once again king. The NCAAs seem to hook the country every March, and this year is no different.

It seems not an edition goes by, however, when the discussion doesn’t come to why college football isn’t given the same treatment come postseason time.

This year, the murmurs seem stronger, as everyone from the Big Ten to the Pac-12 is talking changes to FBS college football and the BCS.

But what do the fans, bloggers and viewers really want for college football?

The millions of opinions around the web are difficult to compile. But we’d like to try our best to do just that.

In favor of a playoff? A plus-one? A dissolution of the BCS altogether? Let your voice be heard as we try to collect the largest single sample of college football fans’ opinions on how the system should be changed (or not changed). We’ve put together a five-minute survey here:

BCS Know How Survey [Qualtrics]

The best thing would be for this to make some real impact. So lets get a bunch of people involved. It’s supposed to be all about the fans, right?

— BCSKnowHow.com (@BCSKnowHow) March 20, 2012


Thousands of responses would be ideal, especially because nothing this detailed and concrete has really been conducted.

Make sure you’re following BCS Know How and keep checking back here as we collect and compile responses.



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