Better Know A BCS Computer: Anderson and Hester


[Editor's note: In August of 2010, BCS Know How took a look at each of the six BCS computers using all available information and a multitude of sources. Some formulas are more public than others. I aimed to make the most inclusive collection of facts about all of the computers, with a varying degree of success.]

Let’s start with the only computer ranking which claims itself to be “The Only Original and Unaltered BCS Computer Rankings,” the Jeff Anderson and Chris Hester College Football Computer Rankings or simply Anderson and Hester.

A&H pride themselves in not only in the fact that their rankings are unaltered, but that their system has been applicable to the BCS throughout the transformations the ranking system has gone through during its now-12-year existence.

A&H start each season with a blank slate, and do not release rankings until after the fifth week of the season. This allows for the measurement of what the editors claim is a reflection of a schools’ “actual accomplishments on the field, not its perceived potential.”

As far as strength of schedule, A&H takes into account both a given team’s opponents and the team’s opponents’ opponents, attempting to level the playing field if a team is the beneficiary of beating easy teams that in turn beat easy teams. Also this allows A&H to reward teams for beating good teams that are themselves beating good teams.

A&H also weighs strength of schedule according to conference strength, which is also measured by the conference’s opponents and opponents’ opponents.

Finally, A&H takes home and away results into account when calculating strength of schedule.

A&H assigns each team a decimal score less than one, and ranks according to score.

The following statistics are likely components of the rankings:

  • Wins and Losses
  • Strength of Schedule
  • Record vs. Current Top-25
  • Losses to non-Top-25

Unfortunately much like the rest of the BCS computers, Anderson and Hester do not publish their computer rankings, and therefore its hard to know the entire process. To learn more about this rating system, visit Anderson and Hester HERE.



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