BlogPoll Ballot Week One Draft


One week in the books — now the real prognostication and debate can begin.

Teams finally got a chance to hit the field this Labor Day weekend, and we got a shot to see exactly what each team can bring to the table this season.

Some of it was high quality — Boise State topping Virginia Tech in a classic game. Some of it wasn’t — Oregon laying 59 points on New Mexico in the first half. But it was college football all the same, the kind that we’ve been waiting eight long months for.

So here’s the first crack at a top 25 after week one with actual knowledge of what the 2010 version of each team mostly looks like:


What I’m Thinking:

  • I am NOT a pure resume voter, these rankings are a mix of what happened in week one and what I thought coming into the season, so there are definitely changes, but the general feel remains the same, especially since not many teams lost this weekend.
  • Ohio State and Alabama stay 1-2 for now, both handily dropping their opponents, still think OSU is slightly better.
  • After showing so much enthusiasm for Virginia Tech I was disappointed by their performance on Monday night, especially coming out of the gate. Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Williams had to do some special things just to keep them in the game — and they almost won — but they’re going to have to get it really together to restore my faith in them.
  • On the other end of that game, Boise State moves into the Hokies vacated No. 3 spot, after they submit the best win of the week.
  • I was impressed with Nebraska’s offense. I knew they had a defense, but if they can also bring a high quality offensive attack to a game, watch out. Yes, I know it was against Western Kentucky, but impressive all the same.
  • Although not awesome, Texas looked a better than Florida as both are trying to replace legends. I think they’ll come around eventually, but they don’t look quite there yet.
  • TCU looked resilient in dropping Oregon State which I like a lot in a team. If Boise falls somewhere down the road, the Horned Frogs could make some noise as a BCS buster extraordinaire.
  • Oregon, Penn State, Stanford, Auburn and Wisconsin all looked good in victories over lesser opponents.
  • New this week, Michigan, Georgia Tech and Utah all deserve recognition for victories over the weekend.
  • Lots of disappointment in UConn, hope that it was Michigan’s resurgence rather than over hype for the Huskies (including from me).
  • USC Watch: As one of three BlogPoll voters who affiliate themselves with the Trojans — Conquest Chronicles and TrojanWire are the other two — I’ll be keeping an eye out for the Trojans this season. Color me unimpressed with the victory in Hawaii, especially with the defense. They’ll need to fix that if they want to stay in the poll.
  • Arkansas, still missing!
  • Conference Breakdown: Big Ten (5), Pac-10 (4), SEC (4), ACC (4), Big 12 (3), Big East (2), MWC (2), WAC (1)

So what do you think? Missing anyone? Giving anyone too much/too little credit? Let me know!



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    WOOO - Michigan at #21!