Final Projected 2013 BCS Bowls — December 2nd


Once again we’ve come to the end of the college football season with questions to be answered about the BCS.

Final BCS Bowl Projections
Bowl Matchup
Title Game Notre Dame vs. Alabama
Rose Bowl Stanford vs. Wisconsin
Sugar Bowl Florida vs. Oklahoma
Orange Bowl Florida State vs. Louisville
Fiesta Bowl Oregon vs. Kansas State
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While Saturday was incredibly clarifying when it came to many of the BCS spots, as it always is, there is drama to be played out in the polls, the computer and the selection committees on Sunday.

The non-AQ debate rages. Will Northern Illinois or Boise State crack the set of BCS bowls?

Either way, it’s been as fun as it always is. Let’s get ready for bowl season.

BCS National Championship Game: Notre Dame Fighting Irish (BCS No. 1) vs. Alabama Crimson Tide (BCS No. 2)

Comment: It played out just right this year for Notre Dame and Alabama to meet in what could be the biggest name pairing in the history of the BCS title game. Two programs, each with big accomplishments in 2012 — Notre Dame’s undefeated season, Alabama’s SEC title — will meet for the BCS crown at the end of another expansive bowl season. The Crimson Tide just did enough against Georgia in the SEC title game to claim this spot and set up every BCS executive’s dream matchup.

Rose Bowl: Stanford Cardinal (Pac-12 champion) vs. Wisconsin Badgers (Big Ten champion)

Comment: Stanford did what it needed to do — beat UCLA twice in six days, including in the Pac-12 Championship Game — to make their way to the Rose Bowl as the Pac-12′s champion. Nebraska, on the other hand, did not do what it needed against Wisconsin, instead slipping to the Badgers when it mattered most, and giving Wisconsin a third straight bid to the Rose Bowl. Wisconsin’s Big Ten title comes in a year where they also recorded five losses, the most a BCS bowl bound team has ever had.

Sugar Bowl: Florida Gators (At-large selection) vs. Oklahoma Sooners (At-large selection)

Comment: Florida automatically qualifies for the BCS with its No. 3 final ranking, which they receive by just passing Georgia, who saw a chance at a national title shot slip away. Oklahoma, while unable to claim the Big 12′s BCS bid outright, instead makes their way to a BCS bowl on the strength of a season that came up just short of the top of the BCS. Losses to Kansas State and Notre Dame kept Oklahoma at bay, while a lone loss to Georgia kept Florida out of the SEC title game. But both find some sanctuary in the BCS anyways.

Orange Bowl: Florida State Seminoles (ACC champion) vs. Louisville Cardinals (Big East champion)

Comment: One played in a de facto conference championship game, the other in a real one. But when it mattered the most, Florida State and Louisville stepped up against Georgia Tech and Rutgers, respectively, and will meet in the Orange Bowl as representatives of their respective conferences. For Florida State, a team that was once a perennial BCS contender, the Orange Bowl is its first since 2006, while Louisville heads to the BCS for just the second time in school history.

Fiesta Bowl: Oregon Ducks (At-large selection) vs. Kansas State Wildcats (Big 12 champion)

Comment: Both must wonder what could have been. Two teams seemingly destined for the BCS title game fell one November night within minutes of each other. And with too little time to climb back into the title race, Oregon and Kansas State are relegated to the Fiesta Bowl for what should be an incredibly interesting matchup. Oregon was left at home watching Stanford and UCLA battle for a Rose Bowl bid, but will land softly at the Fiesta Bowl, while Kansas State’s Big 12 regular season title locked them into this bowl.



5 Comm

  1. LARRY

    I hope you are wrong - I really want to see Florida v Oregon. a sugar bowl of Florida v Oklahoma and Fiesta of Oregon v Kansas State will be two very meaningless games that have no interest (and I am a Florida fan). Everyone wants to see Oregon and the SEC go head to head because after ND / Alabama - Florida and Oregon are the best teams out there

  2. Tim

    I wish there were more SEC vs PAC-12 bowl games in general

  3. Mark Hammer

    I am really struggling with this. The season ends, and the conferences play for a champion. If you win your side of a conference, that game should not penalize you, or t should be with the other teams not having to play the extra game a strength of schedule thing because they played the extra game. Same thing for the non conference teams, they should be knocked HARD for the one less game. Georgia should be in a BCS bowl, and I am not a Georgia fan. Norte Dame should be penalized for playing one less game.
    Then there is the 'making it fair' otherwise known as 'money' rules for the BCS. shouldn't the top teams play in the BCS bowls, not just spreading it around so everyone wins!

  4. javi

    There are going to be some wacky matchups this bowl season, so I'm just going to record everything I can with the hopes of catching something spectacular. I got the Hopper from DISH, and will be able to find all the games I can with the new GameFinder app. I just push a button on the remote, and it brings up all available games on my TV screen. DISH has me work a lot of Saturdays and weird hours, so the DVR is very important to me. With this, I'll save time not having to find each individual game, which will leave me more time to gloat after my Seminoles spank that team that should never have been allowed in to a BCS bowl, lol.

  5. R. Patterson

    IT'S SAD THAT FOR THE 2ND YEAR IN A ROW ANOTHER 10-2 (PRE BOWL RECORD) Is cast away after beating georgia 2 years in a ROW ,& was ranked in the BCS top 10!!! The University Of South Carolina who's two loses were to UF & TO LSU in LSU' s death valley under the lights! & only lost by 2 points!!! But it georgia who CAROLINA BEATS two years tm a ROW and have the same record that is the real crime!!!