Houston’s Loss Re-Energizes Non-AQ Conference Qualifying Race


With Houston’s upset loss to Southern Miss in the C-USA Championship Game, the race for the automatic bid to the BCS given to the highest-ranking non-AQ conference champion has been thrown into relative disarray.

The BCS selection procedures stipulate that a non-AQ conference champion that finishes in the top 16 in the final BCS standings will be afforded an automatic bid to a BCS bowl. In last week’s BCS standings, however, the highest ranking conference champion of a non-AQ conference, TCU, was outside of the top 16.

Boise State and Houston were ranked far higher, but because neither will be conference champion, neither can claim the automatic bid. Both can still be chosen as at-large teams.

If TCU enters the top 16 on the final weekend, the Horned Frogs will be BCS bowl bound for the third straight season.



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  1. Ftwfrogs

    BCS bowl bound for the THIRD straight year. Check your facts.

  2. Siggy

    I don't think BCS powers let TCU sneak into the top 16 so no BCS bowl for the Frogs this year.

  3. nick

    How can anybody possibly deny Boise a BCS game when their only loss came by one point in a heart breaker, they beat a very good Georgia team in their backyard.
    TCU is good, but they didn't win Boise State lost, minus the Boise win for TCU they have not beaten anybody, losing to Baylor and losing to an awful SMU team. TCU should not be in the BCS.
    Michigan should not even be considered, but they have money, so they'll get into the BCS, just like every year.
    A corrupt system exists when a BCS top five team is left out and #14 or something gets in after they lost to Iowa and had a lackluster season.
    My PLAYOFF (what we need)
    round 1: 1LSU vs 15Wisconsin (won Conference)
    4Stanford vs 5 Virginia Tech
    3Oklahoma State vs 6Boise State
    7Oregon(won conference) vs 2Alabama

    LSU and Alabama play at home first round
    4-5 matchup is the cotton bowl, 3-6 matchup is the fiesta bowl.
    1/8 vs 4/5 play at the orange bowl
    2/7 vs 3/6 at the rose bowl
    championships at the sugar bowl
    Each round played each week intermingled with pointless other bowl games.
    Sorry Arkansas, only 2 Wild Cards allowed (Stanford and Alabama)
    Houston, you blew it and gave Boise life as the Non-BCS qualifier.
    Those two can play in the Texas Bowl or some thing like that.
    Fair enough......I hope so.
    IF Georgia had beaten LSU, they get in and so does Lsu and Stanford gets left out. Virginia Tech loses to Clemson, then Clemson makes it in as the eight seed and Virgina Tech is left out.
    Fair enough?
    This is how it should be.

  4. uh alum

    Houston still deserves a decent bowl. much more than the armed forces bowl. .give me a break

  5. uh alum

    Houston still deserves a decent bowl. much more than the armed forces bowl. .give me a break...when are they going to get respect

  6. fightinfrog

    TCU took the win at Boise with a ballsy two point conversion is how I remember it. Nick must think Broncos let the Frogs score the 2 just to make the game more interesting with a minute left to play.