Projected 2012 BCS Bowls – September 18th


Our first top-five showdown finally gave us some insight into the true talent levels of Oklahoma and Florida State, but other games around the country also opened our eyes to teams we might not have been taking seriously enough.

With full-on conference play creeping up on us, we will finally get to see the truth about a number of teams. For now, though, much of these projections remain the same.

For reference, the at-large selection order for the 2012 bowl slate (after hosting contracts have been filled and the NCG is filled) is: Fiesta, Sugar, Orange.

BCS National Championship Game: LSU Tigers (BCS No. 1) vs. Oklahoma Sooners (BCS No. 2)

Comment: Both teams took on tough opponents on the road, and both pulled out gritty victories. Some say the true mark of a national title contender is the ability to do just that. Both continue to look good as they move on to conference play.

Rose Bowl: Stanford Cardinal (Pac-12 Champion) vs. Wisconsin Badgers (Big Ten Champion)

Comment: These two just keep trucking along, decimating everything in their respective paths. Stanford handled Arizona on the road, while Wisconsin took care of business against non-AQ Northern Illinois. Both could have fell victim to traps, but both skated right by them. They continue to look every bit the conference favorites.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide (At-large selection) vs. Boise State Broncos (At-large selection)

Comment: All things told, losing LSU to the title game would not be a tragedy for the Sugar Bowl organizing committee. It’s more than likely that they’ll have Alabama waiting for them with their replacement pick. The Crimson Tide ran all over North Texas on Saturday as a final warmup for SEC play.

Boise State took care of business against Toledo on Friday, and continues to look poised for an undefeated season. Will that get them to the national title game? Maybe. But if they don’t expect their name to come up here.

Orange Bowl: Florida State Seminoles (ACC Champion) vs. South Florida Bulls (Big East Champion)

Comment: Florida State put everything they had into the game against Oklahoma this weekend, but fell short. Though that likely quells any national title talk for the time being for the Seminoles, they still looked like they could hang with just about anyone in the primetime showdown. So, for now at least, they remain the ACC favorite and would see an invite to the Orange Bowl if they are to fulfilling that expectation.

South Florida posted a whopping 70 points Saturday against an overmatched FCS Florida A&M, but still showed some real talent, and continue to be the pick here for the Big East’s BCS bid.

Fiesta Bowl: Oregon Ducks (At-large selection) vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys (At-large selection)

Comment: Playing late into the night, Oklahoma State took care of business Saturday and looks every bit as BCS worth as anyone else on this list. If they can rattle through Texas A&M next weekend, you’ll definitely start hearing more about these Cowboys.

Oregon put on another Oregon-esque offensive blowout Saturday, this time dismantling Missouri State. Despite their blemished record, that loss did come to LSU, a serious consideration many bowl organizers will make when determining Oregon’s place among BCS contenders. Even if they do fall to Stanford later this year, the Ducks will continue to be in prime position to capture an at-large bid.



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