Q&A Session: The 2011 BCS and College Football Season


Q. When will the first BCS standings be released? What’s the rest of the release schedule?

A. The first BCS standings will be released on the Sunday following Week Seven action, Oct. 16.

The BCS will then release rankings for the rest of the season as follows:

BCS Week Two: Oct. 23
BCS Week Three: Oct. 30
BCS Week Four: Nov. 6
BCS Week Five: Nov. 13
BCS Week Six: Nov. 20
BCS Week Seven: Nov. 27
Final BCS Standings: Dec. 4

BCS Bowl pairings will also be released Dec. 4.

Q. What teams switched conferences this season?

A. The following five teams changed conference affiliation before the start of the 2011-12 college football season:

Colorado Buffaloes — Big 12 to Pac-12
Boise State Broncos — Western Athletic Conference to Mountain West Conference
Nebraska Cornhuskers — Big 12 to Big Ten
Utah Utes — Mountain West Conference to Pac-12
BYU Cougars — Mountain West Conference to FBS Independent

Q. What is the order in which the BCS bowls select participants?

A. For the 2011-12 college football season, the BCS bowls will fill their vacant spots once the national championship game has been filled and the Rose, Fiesta and Orange Bowl fill their respective host contracts. The bowls will select in this order:

Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl

You can find more information about the BCS bowl selection process at the BCS Bowls page.

Q. What are the “automatically qualifying” BCS conferences?

A. There are six AQ BCS conferences, thus named because the champions of those conferences are automatically awarded BCS bowl bids. The six conferences are the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Big Ten, Big 12, Big East, Pac-12 and Southeastern Conference (SEC).

Q. What are the “non-automatically qualifying” BCS conferences?

A. There are five non-AQ conferences, named as such because their champions do not automatically qualify for BCS bowl bids. However, one champion from the non-BCS conferences will qualify for a BCS bowl bid if they are ranked in the top 12 in the final BCS standings, or if a champion from a non-BCS conference is ranked higher than any BCS conference champion ranked among the top 16.

The five non-BCS conferences are the Conference USA (C-USA), the Mountain West Conference (MWC), the Sun Belt Conference, the Mid-American Conference (MAC), and the Western Athletic Conferences (WAC).

Q. When are the conference championship games?

A. Conference championship games for the Pac-12, ACC, SEC, Big Ten, MAC and C-USA will be held on Saturday, Dec. 3, the last weekend of the season.

Q. Who is eligible for postseason play?

A. Members of the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) will be eligible for postseason play if they finish the season with a winning percentage above .500. If there are not enough bowl-eligible teams, or a conference cannot completely fill its bowl contracts, then teams which finish at .500 will be eligible as well.

For the 2011 season, the University of Southern California will not be eligible for postseason play due to sanctions handed down to the university by the NCAA because of NCAA infractions.

Q. What schools are currently under investigation by the NCAA?

A. BCS Know How is keeping track of the ever-growing list of ongoing investigations that the NCAA is performing right HERE.

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