Simulated BCS Rankings Week Six: South Carolina rockets to No. 3 on strength of weekend’s best win

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The first real moving weekend of the college football season certainly proved a strong primer for the first BCS standings of the season — due out next week — as losses from top squads opened the way for teams such as South Carolina, West Virginia and Florida to make their way up in the latest simulated BCS rankings.

Simulated BCS Rankings
Rank Team
1 Alabama Crimson Tide
2 Oregon Ducks
3 South Carolina Gamecocks
4 West Virginia Mountaineers
5 Florida Gators
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And, though the arrangement of teams is changed, the makeup remains overwhelmingly SEC-based, as the conference lands three of the top five teams in the latest simulation. Of course, the biggest story is the sudden upward jump of South Carolina, which bounds to No. 3 this week on the strength of a victory over Georgia.

West Virginia, which had languished a bit with lacking support across the board, sees a nice bump with teams moving out of the way in front of the Mountaineers, as West Virginia lands at No. 4.

Every team continues to trail an increasingly strong No. 1 Alabama team, which collects by far the heaviest support across the board on the week. One place where the Tide did not dominate, however, is in the computers. The technical aspect of the BCS favors a different SEC squad, the Florida Gators, which land at No. 5 with the nation’s second-best computer support.

No. 6 Notre Dame barely edges out the Gators for the best computer support in the land, grabbing first-place votes in two of the five available computers, while Florida grabs one. Oregon and Alabama each grab one first-place vote, but do not enjoy the complete support across ratings systems that the Gators and Fighting Irish do.

With just one weekend before the release of the first BCS standings, we’re beginning to collect a nearly complete picture of the BCS standings to come.

Available now are the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, Harris Interactive Poll, and five of the six computers — good enough to call this simulation 94 percent complete. Peter Wolfe will be the lone holdout, releasing his first set next week.

We took a computer aggregate without eliminating any of the five available polls to not only keep extra transparency, but also to give an extended view-point on the rankings. Take that as you will. The formula for the human elements remains intact.

Just one week until the first BCS rankings, here’s the best look we’ll have at the BCS until then.

Check out the full simulation worksheet. These simulated ranking reflect the following formula:

BCS Score = (Harris Interactive Poll Score/2825 + Coaches Poll Score/1475 + Computer Poll Aggregate/125)/3

Here are the simulated rankings after week six:

Simulated BCS Standings — October 8

Rank Team BCS Score
1 Alabama Crimson Tide .9512
2 Oregon Ducks .9182
3 South Carolina Gamecocks .9053
4 West Virginia Mountaineers .8639
5 Florida Gators .8446
6 Notre Dame Fighting Irish .8331
7 Kansas State Wildcats .7980
8 LSU Tigers .5828
9 Oregon State Beavers .5750
10 Georgia Bulldogs .5554
11 USC Trojans .5332
12 Stanford Cardinal .5011
13 Oklahoma Sooners .4482
14 Texas Longhorns .4296
15 Florida State Seminoles .4006
16 Mississippi State Bulldogs .3831




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