Watching the Heisman Watchmen Week Six: Robinson Takes A Hit


Faced with his first true test of the season, Denard Robinson underwhelmed the Heisman analysts and pundits and saw his Heisman stock fall slightly.

Robinson is still in the race — and leading it by some evaluations — but sees the like of Terrelle Pryor, LaMichael James and Kellen Moore pass him in somes of the nation’s Heisman Watches.

Cam Newton makes a big splash with his four rushing touchdowns against Kentucky — all of which were needed in Auburn’s three-point victory on Saturday.

Off to the races!

Heisman Pundit Heisman Poll

1. Denard Robinson
2t. LaMichael James
2t. Kellen Moore
4. Terrelle Pryor
5. Cam Newton

ESPN Experts Poll

1. Kellen Moore
2. Terrelle Pryor
3. LaMichael James
4. Cam Newton
5. Denard Robinson

CBS Sports Heisman Watch

1. Kellen Moore
2. LaMichael James
3. Denard Robinson
4. Terrelle Pryor
5. Cam Newton

Sports Illustrated Heisman Watch

1. Denard Robinson
2. LaMichael James
3. Cam Newton
4. Terrelle Pryor
5. Kellen Moore

BCS Know How Heisman Watch

1. LaMichael James
2. Kellen Moore
3. Terrelle Pryor
4. Denard Robinson
5. Cam Newton


1. Oregon RB LaMichael James (20)
2. Boise State QB Kellen Moore (19)
3. Michigan QB Denard Robinson (16)
4. Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor (13)
5. Auburn QB Cam Newton (8)

Again a first-place vote is worth five points, a second-place four, and so on until a fifth place vote is worth one point.

Any other suggestions of Heisman Watches to add? Let me know!



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